Monday, August 20, 2007

A Few More Additions to the Poetry Shelf

Science and Steepleflower by Forrest Gander
Fuck You -- Aloha -- I Love You by Juliana Spahr
The Alphabet of Desire by Barbara Hamby
Furious Cooking by Maureen Seaton
Glacier Wine by Maura Stanton
shattered sonnets love cards and other off and back handed importunities by Olena Kalytiak Davis
The Snow Watcher by Chase Twichell
Hinge & Sign: Poems, 1968 - 1993 by Heather McHugh
Chromatic by H. L. Hix
Interior with Sudden Joy by Brenda Shaughnessy
Tulip Farms & Leper Colonies by Charles Harper Webb
Pieces of Air in the Epic by Brenda Hillman
Still Life with Waterfall by Eamon Grennan
A Little White Shadow by Mary Ruefle
radi os by Ronald Johnson
Eunoia by Christian Bok
Crystallography by Christian Bok
i-ROBOT Poetry by Jason Christie
Wide Slumber for Lepidopterists by a. rawlings


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