Sunday, April 10, 2011

NaPo 4/11


X - Treme Yoga

This course is for those who have

nothing left to lose.

Please sign the Liability Release Form

and the Medical Power of Attorney

before beginning the first session.

Warm-up: The Look-I've-Found-A-Sweatbee-Nest Salutation

Pose I: The Spoiled Child's Tantrum

Pose II: The Feeding Anaconda Twist

Pose III: The Two-Humped Camel

Pose IV: The Buttered Crescent Roll

Pose V: The Contorted Flowering Quince

Pose VI: The Plummeting Mountaintop Bend

Pose VII: The Rotating Paddlewheel

Pose VIII: The Bewildered Squid

Pose IX: The I-Never-Thought-I'd-Get-To-See-That-Part-Of-My-Body Fold

Pose X: The Forward-Stretched Hexagonal Unfurling Lotus Blossom

Cool-down: The Defunct Jellyfish Flop


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