Monday, May 07, 2007

13 Contemporary Poets for the Beginner

Rob is one of several folks" posting lists of 13 living contemporary poets they'd recommend for the beginner to poetry.

I thought I'd add my own, which overlaps several of the other lists but only a bit, I believe. And in no particular order, my choices (today -- tomorrow, they'd probably be somewhat different) are:

1. Brigit Pegeen Kelly
2. Laura Kasischke
3. Stephen Dobyns
4. Tomas Transtromer
5. Shuntaro Tanikawa
6. Tony Hoagland
7. Louise Gluck
8. Kay Ryan
9. Pattiann Rogers
10. Mark Doty
11. Lorna Crozier
12. Seamus Heaney
13. Paul Muldoon


Blogger angie said...

Ooh! Thank you. I'm still working on getting those Kasischke books - I need two more, and I bet you can guess which ones.

12:47 PM  

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