Friday, November 14, 2008

"Charms for a Lover's Bracelet"

Charms for a Lover's Bracelet:  The Seasons

-- clover seeds immersed
          in a bead of dew --
-- noon's still heat embraced
          within crape myrtle blossoms --
--  crescent moon crossed
          by a bursting milkweed pod --
-- flake of flint sweetened
          by cedar smoke --

Charms for a Lover's Bracelet:  The Evanescent

It's the first lesson, loss.
                    -- Jan Zwicky

-- silken wisp of dawnlight --
          -- wind's tug and lift
                     of a strand of hair --
--frost's fractal maps --
          -- a blackberry's bundled curves --
-- urgent heat of your nipple
                    against my thumb --


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