Friday, May 25, 2007

Some Recent Deliveries from Amazon.Com

(Edited 5/26)

The Crooked Inheritance
, Marge Piercy
The Second Skin, C. Dale Young
Company of Moths, Michael Palmer
Rapture, Susan Mitchell
Erotikon, Susan Mitchell
Camera Lyrica, Amy Newman
*Fall, Amy Newman
Frail-Craft, Jessica Fisher
Quiver of Arrows: Selected Poems 1986 - 2006, Carl Phillips
Veil: New and Selected Poems, Rae Armantrout
The Adamant, Mary Ruefle
The Smallest Muscle in the Human Body, Alberto Rios
Transparence of the World, Jean Follain, translated and selected by W. S. Merwin
Great American Prose Poems from Poe to the Present, edited by David Lehman

*Note about Fall: Each poem in this collection is based on one or more definitions of the word "fall" as defined in The New American Heritage Dictionary. The collection is a remarkable tour de force that explores the theological implications of the Fall, the present world as the consequence of that fall, and poetry as the remedial activity which helps us to live within that fallen world.


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