Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Mini-Anthology in Jackdaw's Nest

Friday, November 14, 2008

"Charms for a Lover's Bracelet"

Charms for a Lover's Bracelet:  The Seasons

-- clover seeds immersed
          in a bead of dew --
-- noon's still heat embraced
          within crape myrtle blossoms --
--  crescent moon crossed
          by a bursting milkweed pod --
-- flake of flint sweetened
          by cedar smoke --

Charms for a Lover's Bracelet:  The Evanescent

It's the first lesson, loss.
                    -- Jan Zwicky

-- silken wisp of dawnlight --
          -- wind's tug and lift
                     of a strand of hair --
--frost's fractal maps --
          -- a blackberry's bundled curves --
-- urgent heat of your nipple
                    against my thumb --

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Is Your Writing Muscle Stuck?

Try The One Minute Writer to unstick it.

Twenty Four-Line Poems and Two More

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Caribbean Reading Challenge: Tentative Reading List

Subject to modification:

1.  Jamaica Kincaid, Annie John:  A Novel
2.  George Lamming, In the Castle of My Skin
3.  Michelle Cliff, Abeng
4.  Jacques Roumain, Masters of the Dew
5.  Edwidge Dandicat, The Dew Breaker
6.  Derek Walcott, Tiepolo's Hound

* * *

A couple of alternatives I'm considering include:

Michelle Cliff, No Telephone to Heaven
Maryse Conde, Segu

Return to the Africa Reading Challenge

Back in mid-July I discovered and agreed to join in the Africa Reading Challenge , posted my  tentative reading list , and posted my  first review .  Shortly after that, I became ill and haven't felt up to continuing the challenge until now.  In the next few days, I should have my second review, of Sembene Ousmane's God's Bits of Wood, posted here with the remaining four to follow before the end of the year.  At least, that's my intention, now that my health has improved.

(he averred ambitiously.)