Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"Ode to the Red Bell Pepper"

The red bell pepper,
heart of
the earth,
the sun's heat
into flesh,
union of soil,
water, light
into shape
and sweetness.

On the pepper
bush, ripened,
pods of
red whales
suspended in
air from the green
curve of
their spouts.

Within, the chapel
of the seed, filled
with small disks
flat and white
as hosts
and aromatic
light seeping
through the
translucent stained
glass of
the pepper's
walls. Opened,
incense gladdens
the air.

Crisp silk skin
to teeth
with a snap,
then succulent
flesh floods
the tongue
with joy,
the juice
of the sun
spicy sweet.
The heart
of the earth
beats life.


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