Monday, May 22, 2006

"Getting Lucky"

I saw the old moon in the park tonight,
sitting on a bench beside the path. He wore
an old Tigers cap and a tan raincoat,
and he seemed to be waiting for someone,
I thought maybe the young lovers walking
hand in hand, but he just ignored them
as he did the gentleman being pulled
along by his Labrador, and any number
of others who passed by. Then I saw her
come around the bend, jogging briskly
toward him. As she got close, he stood
up, opened his raincoat, and flashed her.
She looked intently, smiled, then took
his hand, and led him off, back, I'm sure,
to her apartment, where he spent the rest
of his last night-- the old moon wrapped
warmly in the new moon's thighs.



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